Phases One, Two and Three, as well as some of our smaller projects are now completed thanks to hardwork of many people and grants from third parties.

Phase One - a disabled toilet was installed and the Gents toilet upgraded.PROJECT COMPLETED

Phase Two - Planning approval was obtained; this stage involved repairing of roofs and installing new energy efficient measures to grow and support community activities, whilst also ensuring future sustainability. PROJECT COMPLETED

Phase Three - has recently been completed and involved the installation of a new energy efficient heating system, ensuring that the updated valuable community facility is warm and welcoming to all ages. PROJECT COMPLETED

Phase Four - to replace the last two remaining flat roofs in the community areas of the building IN PROGRESS

Other projects of general modernisation and improvement of facilities which are being planned, about to start or have been completed are:

I can see clearly now – new double glazed windows to community areas to improve security and insulation - IN PROGRESS

Keeping Up Appearances – general redecoration of all community area

Read All About It – improvement of existing and provision of new notice and display boards PROJECT COMPLETED

Walking on Sunshine – upgrading of floor coverings - PART COMPLETED

Loving the Ladies – improve ladies toilets - COMPLETED

Kitchen Klean-Up – replace cooking equipment to ensure it is fit for purpose

Wesley goes surfing – installation of secure wireless network capabilities with access in community areas to authorised groups and individuals - PROJECT COMPLETED

Green and Pleasant Land – general improvement ongoing maintenance of the green space outside the community areas - IN PROGRESS