Rooms are available for one-off hires or regular bookings.

Rates from £15 per hour; contact us for further information

Room sizes are as follows:

At the rear of the building:

Akrill Hall - 8m x 13m

Guild Room - 6m x 7m

(the above two rooms have a dividing partitiion which can be opened to create one larger space)

Institute - 3.5m x 8m

Asbury Room - 4m x 5m

At the front of the building:

Auditorium with some tiered seating - 14m x 14m (with stage 2m x 14m)

Entrance area - 5m x 9m

Upstairs coffee lounge - 4m x 12m

Small chapel - 4m x 6m

Office/vestry - 4m x 4m

Office - 4m x 4m